Evaluation of fertilizer injection methods to drip irrigation systems

Student: Jila Emami, Consultant Professor: Mehdi Zakerinia, Supervisor: Aboutaleb Hezarjaribi,
Ministry of Science, Research and Technology – Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources – Faculty of Water Science Engineering – 2012 – [M.Sc.]

The combination of two factors of water and fertilizer or the so-called fertilization with irrigation (Fertigation) through pressurized irrigation systems has special advantages that success in this method requires sufficient knowledge about the water needs and fertilizer needs of each product and knowledge of The performance of different methods of fertilizer injection into the system. The uniformity of water and fertilizer distribution is an important issue for designers and users of drip irrigation systems. In this study, the uniformity of water and fertilizer distribution was evaluated in an irrigation system using three types of injectors including fertilizer tank, venturi and injection pump and two types of emitters which include dropper on microflapper line and echodrip drip tube.