Garden Tree Nutrition Program

Nutrition program

Usage time Type of fertilizer How and how much to use Substitute fertilizers
Foliar application (thousand liters) Irrigation (per hectare)
Mid-winter (Chalkud) Golden Agro Bioalkane (Pellet) 1.5 kg of chalk fertilizer per tree * Iron-zinc-potassium sulfate in the form of winter fertilizer or foliar spraying at the beginning of the season
* Magic New Chicken Pellet
Microbial phosphate 1.5 kg of chalk fertilizer per tree
50% granular sulfur 1.5 kg of chalk fertilizer per tree
Swelling of buds Microcture on 1 liter * Calcutta
* Zinc-manganese nitrate
Potassium sulfate 25 kg
NPK 10-52-10 5 kg
Hume Agro 101 2 kg
After fruit formation Calcium nitrate 25 kg * Calcium microct
Calcutta Mix 1 kg
To become a hazelnut Phytomar 1 liter * Alka Humic
cThe beginning of shooting 1 kg
Alkane20-20-20 + TE 20 kg
Click Potassium 1 liter
2 weeks before the core hardens NPK10-10-40 5 kg * Potassium silicon microket
Razormin 1 liter
Fruiting and coloring Wright Rapping 1 liter * Aminotech
Aminocet Plus 1 liter
Potassium sulfate 25 kg
After harvesting Microket on – on 1 liter