Wheat diet

Wheat nutrition program


Usage time Type of fertilizer How and how much to use Substitute fertilizers
Foliar application (thousand liters) Irrigation (per hectare)
Land preparation Magic Bio Alkan New 800 kg * Magic New
* Golden Agrobioalkane
Sulfur 50% 500 kg
Planting time Seeds (Zn-P) 1 liter per 75 kg of seeds
Microbial phosphate 150 kg
Humate full fertilizer 100 kg
The beginning of growth NPK10-52-10 20 kg * King Garden
* Top fish mix
Alchemic 15 liters
Alcagrin Micromix 1 liter
Stinging stage Alkagrin NPK 3 liters
Alkagrin Zn-B 1 kg
Shoot zinc
NPK20-20-20 20 kg
Alcagrin Micromix 2-3liters
Alkagrin K50 2 liters
Alcagreen P.K 2 liters
Clustering Alkagrin K50 20 kg
NPK12-12-36 20 kg