Alkan agricultural land

Alkan is a leader in the production of organic, industrial and biological fertilizers as well as in the field of consulting, construction, equipment supply and greenhouse branding in the country.

Agricultural land alkan

Alkan Agricultural Land Company, a leader in the field of consulting, construction, supply of equipment and branding of greenhouses in the country, and today with more than 20 hectares of greenhouses under construction, ready for operation in Tehran province and cooperation with all private organizations and inputs Of government.

Example of greenhouse construction by Alkan Production Group

Alkan greenhouse systems and equipment

Alkan greenhouse includes the following equipment systems.

Irrigation and greenhouse nutrition

For proper and planned irrigation, both in soil cultivation and in hydroponics, using polyethylene tapes and pipes and suitable nozzles, as well as the feeding system, in addition to irrigating the plant, water can be enriched in terms of plant elements. .

Smart climate control

This system receives information from the meteorological station outside the greenhouse and humidity, temperature, light and gas sensors inside the greenhouse and analyzes it, and with previous planning done by the user, launches or disables all other greenhouse systems. Includes shading system, heating, cooling, lighting, humidifier, etc.

Fan Seir Koule

This fan is used to homogenize the greenhouse temperature in controlling the greenhouse climate in hot and cold seasons. Greenhouse air Greenhouse air circulates.

Moisture supply (Foger)

One of the important factors to achieve maximum utilization in the greenhouse is to create suitable air humidity for the plant. In cases where it is necessary to increase the percentage of relative humidity, this can be achieved by using the fogger system. , Pipes, pumps and filters.

Cooling system (pad frame)

The pad frame may be made of aluminum or galvanized steel, which allows the installation of cellulose pads on the structure and other places. The task of these frame pads, in addition to maintaining the cellulose pad in the cooling system, is to collect the water leaving the cellulose pad and direct it to the tank.

Cooling system (fan)

These fans are sucked in alone by the suction of greenhouse air, which is humidified by passing through a cellulose pad, and by powerful motors, which open the dampers by means of air force (weight fan) or by centrifuge (clutch fan). Or as part of the cooling system, pads and fans cool the greenhouse, poultry or any other shed. The greenhouse fan is made in different dimensions and powers, of which the 140 exhaust fan is the most powerful.


The columns of these greenhouses have dimensions of 80 x 80 mm and are covered with hot galvanizing and are 480 cm long and integrated. The distances of the columns from each other on the sides of the greenhouse are 2.5 meters and the inner (middle) columns of the greenhouse are 5 meters apart. The resistance of these structures in winds with a speed of 120 km per hour and the total product load and snow, provided that the heating system is on, up to 35 kg per square meter.


• Structure • Heating • Cooling (pads and fans) • Humidity supply system (fogger) • Canopy system (shading) • Greenhouse irrigation system • Climate control system

Heating system

They are divided into two main groups: hot air heaters and boilers and hot water pipes. According to the temperature outside the greenhouse and the appropriate temperature of the plant inside the greenhouse, the required number of hot air heaters is calculated and installed in different parts of the structure. The cost of this system is much less than the cost of the boiler system and hot water pipe. In the boiler system and hot water pipes, after examining the heating needs of the greenhouse, by selecting suitable and standard boilers, significant savings can be made in terms of energy consumption, due to the use of central heating system and heat distribution using piping at cultivation intervals. is.

Movable canopy system (shading)

In terms of propulsion system, it is divided into two groups: Rock and pinion drive system and tow wire and spool drive system. Also in terms of type of curtain and energy conservation and reduction of fuel consumption are divided into two types of ordinary and energy saving.