How to Create a garden with the hidroponik method

1 required items


1-1 List and prepare the necessary materials for cultivation and note that these equipments may be present around you.

2.1 Specify a specific area for cultivation:

Most novices can make a low-cost room with minimal facilities such as wood and plastic nylon, so you can create a small greenhouse-like room with minimal cost and a little creativity.

3-1 Preparation of basic greenhouse equipment including: Heat control section – Fan – Heater (heater) – Humidifier – LED lights (red and blue) – Air conditioning pump – Perlite – Coco peat (culture medium) – Cultivation table to place plants on it.

2 Seed germination

2.1 Select the seed you want to plant. Make sure the seeds are suitable for the climatic conditions of your area (for example, do not choose citrus for cultivation in the tropics).

2.2 Place the seeds in a wet tissue and then place it in a clear plastic bag (zipper) and close it.

Place 2-3 bags in a dark place. Germination occurs in a cool, dark place, so always keep the napkin moist.

3 Seed movement

3-1 Note that when the seeds germinate and the initial seedling appears, stems are formed that are less than 2 cm in size and are called primary seedlings, what you do next depends on the type of plant:

  • If the seedling has thin stems, keep it in a napkin
  • If the seedling has strong stems and good and strong roots, transfer it to another tissue for better growth, with the difference that only the root is in the tissue and its stems are exposed to light.

3.2 Note that the seedlings should grow well and this time is very sensitive for the plant so be patient.

4 Transplantation

4.1 Transplant the seedlings into the pot for growth and expansion.

4-2 At this stage, fill the container that you have intended for seedling transfer with water. You can grow one or more plants in one container, so make sure that the conditions that you have considered for several plants are the same.

4.3 Place the seedling or seedling in a container filled with water so that only the root is in the water.

4-4 Change the water in the container every few days, especially when the water is cloudy. Also note that in the container water you have to add a combination of macro and micro mineral substances to the solution, which is explained on this site.

5 plant maturity:

5.1 Pay attention to the vegetative growth of the plant, if your plant needs pollination, place the pot in an open environment that is pollinated by wind and insects.

Pick up the crop and enjoy your hydroponic garden.