Planting cucumber seeds

Cucumber cultivation requires knowledge of information such as meteorological statistics of the region, opinions and experiences of experienced farmers and greenhouse owners. Cultivation time has a direct effect on cucumber yield and thus its profitability is affected. For example , in the southern regions of the country , the time of cultivation begins at the beginning of the seal and ends in June next . In the northern and central areas of the country , which are overcast and cold in Azhar and D , they choose the time of culture in such a way that this is either the end of the harvest or the beginning of cultivation . Generally , times when adverse weather conditions should be removed from the culture period , and if such work does not take place and adverse times arise among the harvest time , the decline of the product will be severe .

How to grow cucumber :

There are two ways to sow seeds after the selection of seed . One of the direct cultivation and cultivation of the treasury , which is better equipped to save in the use of greenhouse facilities , and better care than to shoot , is better than cultured in the treasury . It has to have sufficient moisture and so – called path to grow the ground .

The Autumn cultivation of Cucumber :

Typically , autumn planting takes up to 8 – 8 weeks from sowing seeds to the first harvest . the seeds of greenhouse cucumbers are usually planted directly in july or august due to the area of area and greenhouse conditions in terms of preparation of land ( fertility and soil sterilization ) . The fruit of khiyar , about fifty days later , had arrived and were preparing for the harvest and the harvest of December . The maximum peak production and harvest peak will be in the late October and November . After that , the vegetable shrubs are removed .

The best and most appropriate place to plant greenhouse cucumbers in terms of production costs and profitability is a region with a maximum number of sunny days in the winter , and in the cold season it is possible to provide the optimum temperature for cucumbers development using the sun ‘s light energy and high fuel consumption and high cost .

The most important economic point in the autumn culture is that it is possible to plant the seeds of cucumber directly on the main ground of the greenhouse , and the production of نشا in glasses or seed is not necessary . because the greenhouse is warm in the middle and late summer and there is enough light . In this case , the growth of cucumbers and cucumber is much faster and better , and production costs are minimized in terms of heating and irrigation .

Spring planting of Cucumber :

In general , spring planting takes place between 8 and 10 weeks from sowing the seeds of cucumbers to harvest . This spring planting is due to be planted in the coffers in the Khazana or Pisces on the main greenhouse , and fruit will be exported to the market in March and March , and fruits will be marketed in March and Christmas when the demand for cucumbers purchase is high . spring planting has a larger crop because of the growth of the growth season . The removal of old and poor cucumber shrubs is done at the end of the beam , followed by cleaning , disinfecting and preparation of the ground . Bad environmental conditions during the winter during the winter delayed the intensity of low – light soil , germination of women and the growth of spring planting , raising costs . This spring planting is recommended due to the cold weather in the autumn and winter season , and the seeds of cucumbers can be propagated as seed ( non – direct culture ) .

Cucumber Cucumber Water

It is best to use the under – pressure system to irrigate a greenhouse . In this way , it is best to use irrigation strips that prevent water loss . It is worth mentioning that plant irrigation is based on the age of plant tissue and consumption time . For example , soil in winter requires less water than during the summer , but in any case , the soil needs to be evenly and regularly irrigated , and there will be less watering in the light – style soils and the time distance between them . It is advisable not to put the ground in a saturated state for a long period of time , and you must observe the moisture of 25 % in the distance of two irrigation , in other words , for the period of irrigation , when soil moisture reaches 25 % , as well as know that the cucumber plant needs more water when it comes to flowering .

some farmers believe a course of thirst must be given to the plant after the young plant completed its true leaf . because they believe that the root of the plant in the state of thirst naturally seeks to find the water at the depth of the soil . however , the plant will grow rapidly after the course of irrigation and irrigation . at the time of plant growth it should be arranged in the greenhouse . ~~~ in order to close the lines to the ends of the string , there are different methods to close the lines to the ends of the plant . ~~~ in order to close the lines to the ends of the string , it is worth mentioning that there should not be any attention to the stem and the string .

First cut of Cucumber :

In the cucumbers bush till the height of the plant is 30 cm , we do not perform any cut . But when the shrub reaches a height of 30 cm , we will gradually eliminate the branches and fruit and the flowers . We allow the plant to plant all the energy produced by the plant to grow the stem and the primary leaves , thus removing the vegetation from 30 centimeters to later , but according to the planting season , some experts and farmers are allowed to grow up to grow , depending on the variety of experts and farmers , depending on the variety of sub – branches and planting season . It is to be mentioned that in the spring , early shoots cancel the sub – branches following the advent of the fifth leaf , remember that the early pruning of the plant will have a direct and very good effect on the growth and yield of the shrub , provided that it is done properly and systematically .

harvesting of cucumber products :

because it is important to do so in order to prevent damage to the plant , it is important to plant cucumber from plant that for some reasons it is important that the correct and correct method of picking cucumber from plant leaves it to prevent rapid softening . ~~~ in most of the greenhouses it can be difficult to remove cucumber by scissors from the branch . ~~~ this can be difficult when scissors are infected with specific fungal and fungal infections . In this case , the transmission of the disease from a shrub to another is enormous .

down of cucumber bushes .

they must be drawn down when they reach the useful ceiling of the greenhouse . the important point in this period is pruning of old and old tires during harvesting . so that at the time they had spent their lives , there were few left to be pruned . you should always remember that the worn – out pruning at every turn should not be more than a leaf in a plant , and at least twenty – six leaves per plant . the pruning of worn leaves should be carried out during the course of the period when there is no problem at the bottom , and we also note that the pruning which is pruned should not exceed the number of produced leaves .

By removing the right leaves and شل the thread from the pulley , which is attached to the mooring wire , the stem is placed in a round face on the ground , of course , instead of being placed on the ground , the stems are placed on a specific that is located at a distance of 50 cm . Once the shrub reaches the end , we allow two sub – branches to continue to grow and move downwards . We consider these two sub – branches as the main branches and , after the growth of these branches , we eliminate the stem bud of the main branch . If the end of the planting season coincides with the arrival of the hot air , it would be necessary to put it down on the wires to act like a shelter in the greenhouse , so that the bushes should not be broken in time , and that they would not grow up .