Sulfur fertilizers

Consumption recommendation:

  • Chalk fertilizer, sprayed with fertilizer on the shade of trees

Instructions for use:

  • Crops = 400 – 600 (Kg / ha)
  • Fruit trees = 2 – 4 kg per tree (Kg / ha)
  • Greenhouse plants = 200-400 g per square meter (Kg / ha)


25 kg bag

Product form:

  • Granular and compact


Sulfur is a vital element for plant nutrition and is essential in the production of amino acids such as proteins, oils, vitamins and chlorophyll. Sulfur can be used as a modifier for saline and sodium salts. This product also reduces the amount of bicarbonate in irrigation water. The presence of sulfur also increases the absorption of phosphorus. Modification of alkaline and calcareous soils, reduction of pH, increase of soil fertility, reduction of fungal diseases (such as superficial and internal whiteflies) and sucking pests (such as mites and psyllids) are other benefits of using this combination. This product has an oil base and is more efficient than gaseous and mineral sulfurs.

Additional information

گوگرد گرانوله

50 %

گوگرد آلی بنتونیت دار

(گوگرد 30 %، بنتونیت 10 %، ماده آلی 50 %)

گوگرد میکرونیزه

90 %


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