Alka green fertilizer from seed Zn.P

  • Instructions for use:

For seed:

Wheat and barley 4-5 (liters / one ton of seeds)

Sugar beet 2-3 (liter / ton of seeds)

Oilseeds (sunflower, canola) 3-4 (liter / ton of seeds)

Cereals 4-5 (liters / one ton of seeds)

Vegetables 2 / 5-3 (liter / one ton of seeds)

Corn 2-3 (liter / ton of seeds)


1 liter bottle

Product form:

  • Suspension


A special product for sowing seeds of agricultural products that contain elements of zinc and phosphorus in suspension form.

Provide the element zinc for immediate absorption and seed germination

– Seed germination uniformity

– Increase the initial growth rate and plant density per unit area

Better and more suitable seedling establishment in the soil

-Increase root volume and tillering in cereals

High performance in soils without zinc and plants sensitive to zinc deficiency such as corn


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