Potassium K50 alka green fertilizer

Instructions for use:


  • Foliar spraying 1-2 (L / 100)
  • Irrigation water 1-2 (Kg / ha)

Garden products:

  • Foliar spraying 1-2 (L / 100)
  • Irrigation water 1-2 (Kg / ha)

Greenhouse products:

  • Foliar spraying 1-2 (L / 100)
  • Irrigation water 1-2 (Kg / ha)


1 liter bottle

Product form:

  • Liquid


Potassium is responsible for regulating plant water and is involved in almost all plant metabolic processes. In case of potassium deficiency, calcium, magnesium, nitrate, phosphate and amino acids are difficult to move. Potassium also acts as an activator of a number of plant enzymes, followed by increased enzymatic activity, photosynthesis, increased crop sugar, protein and starch synthesis. In the presence of potassium, the production of carbohydrates is increased and the transfer of substances from the production organ to the storage organ such as fruits and spikes is done. This fertilizer with its special composition has a direct effect on increasing the coloring of fruit size and the amount of cluster filling and increasing the weight of 1000 seeds and is very effective in resisting drought and salinity stresses.

Additional information


درصد برحسب w/w: 33/40 درصد برحسب w/v: 50


درصد برحسب w/w: 3/87 درصد برحسب w/v: 6

ماده آلی

درصد برحسب w/w: 9/33 درصد برحسب w/v: 14




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