Alka green fertilizer NPK

  • Instructions for use:


  • Foliar spraying 1-2 (L / 100)
  • Irrigation water 4-5 (Kg / ha)

Garden products:

  • Foliar spraying 1-2 (L / 100)
  • Irrigation water 4-5 (Kg / ha)

Greenhouse products:

  • Foliar spraying 1-2 (L / 100)
  • Irrigation water 3-4 (Kg / ha)


1 liter bottle

Product form:

  • Liquid


This special product is made of first grade raw materials. This compound is rich in nutrients due to the presence of organic matter and is based on very high quality raw materials so that it is 100% soluble in water. The micronutrients needed by plants are adequately available. This fertilizer with the ability to be absorbed through roots, stems and leaves makes plants resistant to environmental stresses such as drought and cold and diseases and pests and increases germination and flowering in plants. This fertilizer can be mixed with other pesticides and herbicides and is very effective for enlarging the fruit and making it marketable during a period of one month. It also makes optimal use of water, increases photosynthetic efficiency, transfers sugars and starches. The desirability of the taste of fruits and vegetables and the increase in the yield of horticultural, agricultural and greenhouse crops are the significant effects of this fertilizer and it is used as a powerful supplement for the growth and development of plants when needed.

Additional information


درصد برحسب w/w: 5/47 درصد برحسب w/v: 8


درصد برحسب w/w: 23/82 درصد برحسب w/v: 34


درصد برحسب w/w: 12/25 درصد برحسب w/v: 17

ماده آلی

درصد برحسب w/w: 6/28 درصد برحسب w/v: 9




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