Alka green fertilizer S.N.K

  • Instructions for use:


  • Foliar spraying 1-1.5 (L / 100)
  • Irrigation water 3-4 (Kg / ha)

Garden products:

  • Foliar spraying 1-1.5 (L / 100)
  • Irrigation water 3 (Kg / ha)

Greenhouse products:

  • Foliar spraying 1 (L / 100)
  • Irrigation water 3-4 (Kg / ha)

Ornamental plants:

  • Foliar spraying 1 (L / 100)
  • Irrigation water 2 (Kg / ha)


1 and 5 liter bottles

Product form:

  • Liquid


Sulfur is effective in the production of essential proteins and amino acids (cysteine and methionine) in chlorophyll formation and photosynthesis. This fertilizer is a complete source of potassium and sulfur in the plant and improves the yield and quality of products. Due to the presence of sulfur and potassium along with nitrogen, this combination increases the production of sugar, starch and vitamins in products and improves resistance to various environmental stresses. This product has a high percentage of sulfur in liquid form along with potassium and nitrogen elements with high solubility in water, which can eliminate the plant’s deficiency in these elements.

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درصد برحسب w/w: 14/5 درصد برحسب w/v: 19


درصد برحسب w/w: 12/30 درصد برحسب w/v: 15


درصد برحسب w/w: 4/7 درصد برحسب w/v: 6


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