Agro Bio Alkan Fertilizer

Consumption recommendation:

  • Earthy

Instructions for use:

  • Pistachios and citrus fruits = 600-1000 (Kg / ha)
  • Fruit and olive trees = 800-1000 (Kg / ha)
  • Vegetables and summer crops = 100-250 (Kg / ha)
  • Saffron = 600-1000 (Kg / ha)
  • Onions and garlic = 800-1000 (Kg / ha)


25 kg bag

Product form:

  • Plate


Agro Bio Alkan is the second product of Alkan Production Group, which is one of the most successful products of this production group during the last 13 years. This product is a natural and biological product that includes poultry manure, bacteria and minerals along with macro elements and is produced according to the highest standards of the day. This combination improves the structure and texture of the soil, reduces the pH and EC, improves the conditions for maximum absorption of all elements from the soil, and on the other hand, reduces the cost of fertilization compared to traditional methods.

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ماده آلی

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