Phosphorus fertilizer

Consumption recommendation:

  • Earthy

Instructions for use:

  • For all crops, 150 to 250 kg per hectare is recommended.


25 kg bag

Product form:

  • Granules


Phosphomus is a combination of humic substances and absorbable phosphorus. The combination of humic acid and phosphorus improves the structure of the soil as well as the acidification of the root zone, which leads to increased absorption of micro and macro elements by the roots and leads to root development. The release of elements through the presence of humic substances and reducing the pH around the roots also increases the efficiency of other fertilizers. In addition, the use of this product increases the water retention in the soil and helps the plant to tolerate drought conditions, increases the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms, increases plant resistance to soil diseases and stabilized elements in free soil and They can be used. Ultimately improves the quality and quantity of the product.

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6 %


5.5 %

ماده آلی

25 %

هیومیک اسید

10 %


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