King Garden Poultry Liquid Fertilizer 1

Consumption recommendation:

  • Foliar spraying, along with irrigation water (diameters, sprinkler, flood using a milk tanker)

Instructions for use:

Vegetables and summer vegetables:

  • Foliar spraying 2-4 (L / 1000)
  • With irrigation water 15-20 (L / ha)


  • Foliar spraying 2-3 (L / 1000)
  • With irrigation water 10-20 (L / ha)

Flowers and ornamental plants:

  • Foliar spraying 2 (L / 1000)
  • With irrigation water 5-18 (L / ha)


20 liter bucket

Product form:

  • Liquid


Extensive research has recently shown that more than 85% of Iran’s agricultural soils contain less than 1% organic matter. Due to the poor texture of the country’s soils in terms of organic matter and farmers’ need for liquid fertilizers based on organic matter, Alkan production group in the form of two product formulas containing high amounts of organic matter containing humic substances, poultry manure extract and macro elements. Marketed. In addition to providing high consumption of plant elements, the high amount of organic matter in this compound stimulates and increases soil microbial population, increases plant growth, increases nitrogen and absorbed phosphorus productivity, increases fertility, topical soil texture and ultimately increases efficiency and The quality of agricultural products. This compound can be used in subsurface and drip irrigation systems to increase efficiency in orchards. In order to achieve maximum product quality and quantity, at least 3 stages of use are recommended during the growing season.

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