Alkan phosphate microbial fertilizer

Consumption recommendation:

  • Earthy
  • The amount of consumption depends on the type of soil, the quality of irrigation water and the nutrition program used.

Instructions for use:

  • Fruit trees = 500 g per fruit tree (Kg / ha)
  • Crops = 50 to 100 (Kg / ha)


25 and 50 kg bags

Product form:

  • Granules


Alkane phosphate microbial fertilizer as an alternative to chemical phosphate fertilizers such as simple superphosphate, triple and diamonium phosphate, based on organic fertilizers and phosphate soil, contains spores of effective bacteria that dissolve mineral phosphate of the genus Bacillus. The spores of these bacteria are activated after entering the soil and by producing organic acids and phosphate-releasing enzymes, mineral and organic phosphorus unusable in the soil, phosphate and organic matter in the formulation of microbial fertilizer can be used by the plant. Gives. This bacterium also promotes plant growth and promotes root development through the production of plant growth hormones, thereby increasing the efficiency of water consumption as well as micronutrients such as zinc. In addition, due to increased root growth and early maturity, it has increased the efficiency of water use (WUE) in the field. In addition, the disadvantages of triple superphosphate do not include compacting and firming the soil, reducing soil permeability, having heavy metals, high levels of phosphorus, which makes micronutrients out of reach and low phosphorus efficiency, and at the same time phosphate microbial fertilizer. Alkanes also contain a good amount of sulfur. Providing part of the nitrogen required by the plant, maintaining and developing soil fertility in parallel with increasing soil fertility and preventing the development of plant diseases are other features of this combination.

The value of alkane phosphate microbial fertilizer is due to three important properties: 1- Nutritional and chemical (in terms of elements and organic matter and microorganisms), 2- Physical properties and 3- Improvement of biological properties.

Additional information


15 %

کربن آلی

8 %


13 %

باکتری حل کننده فسفر

CFU/gr 1*10

ماندگاری باکتری

حداقل 12 ماه


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