NPK fertilizer full of humate sulfur

Consumption recommendation:

  • Soil consumption

Instructions for use:

  • Gardens = 400-500 (grams per tree)
  • Crops = 50-100 (kg per hectare)


  • 25 kg bag

Product form:

  • Granules


This compound, which is produced by mixing and granulation method, in addition to the three main elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, contains a high amount of sulfur and humic acid, which increases the efficiency of this complete fertilizer. This NPK fertilizer, in addition to excellence in formulation and meeting the essential needs of the plant, improves the conditions for the absorption of elements from the soil and by reducing the pH, the conditions for maximum absorption of all elements from the soil. Therefore, with increasing fertility and soil fertility, the quality and quantity of crop yield will increase significantly. In addition to normal conditions, this compound is also recommended in saline orchards and agricultural lands with high pH and in damaged soils with low organic matter.

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10 %

اسید هیومیک

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