Spineless Yucca

The height of this native American shrub can be less than 6 meters. Naturally in the pot due to the small space for root growth, the dimensions of the plant will be controlled. The leaves of this plant are narrow and long and are angled upwards.

Spider Plant

It is a popular and hardy houseplant. This plant is evergreen and perennial with long, elongated leaves that hang from the inside out and have a fountain shape. The height of this plant is about 30 cm and the leaves are about 25 cm. This plant is available in both monochrome and bi-color with white […]

Norfolk Island Pine

This pine is a coniferous plant and is a plant variety that is planted in pots due to its short height. The height of this pot variety reaches two meters. The floor appearance of this plant is very unique and has a special beauty. This plant is evergreen and grows vertically and horizontally.


It is an evergreen and perennial plant. Philodendron is very similar in appearance to Potos, except that it is larger, has a wooden stem, and its leaves are more elongated. But they are both moving and covering. This plant has aerial roots and needs a guardian. Mossy supports are often used to penetrate the aerial […]

Weeping fig

Ficus is a type of plant that has many species. Ficus benjamin, also known as benjamin, is an ornamental shrub that has a tropical appearance. The oval and pointed leaves of these plants have given it a special beauty. You need to know beforehand that Benjamin needs more care than hardy plants.


Fittonia is a perennial and evergreen plant that has a creeping growth. The prominent and famous feature of this plant is the veins and streaks that are seen on the leaf surface and have a pink and white color The stem of Phytonia has tiny hairs and hairs that grow horizontally.

Aspidistra elatior

This houseplant lives without aerial stems. Its dark green leaves are broad and shiny and will be up to 50 cm long. The long petiole of this plant, which protrudes directly from the soil, forms its general appearance. This plant can live for many years without much attention and is a hardy plant.


Shufflera is a beautiful shrub. This evergreen plant gives a beautiful look to the home space due to the form of claw-shaped leaves that are shiny and have long petioles. At first, the number of leaflets is small and with more growth, they reach 8. Its height reaches several meters.


Censoria is an evergreen plant with lanceolate leaves. The leaves have parallel lines and patterns that increase in height as the plant grows. This plant is resistant to dehydration and these days you can see its different models such as censored woven, dyed, tubular, etc. This plant is easily propagated by leaves.

Dumb canes

This perennial and evergreen plant has leaves that the beauty of its design and role has made it popular. It goes without saying that the good resistance of this plant has also played an important role in becoming famous as an apartment plant. The sap of this plant is poisonous and can cause damage. As […]

Bidi leaves

Willow leaf is one of the most popular and well-known plants that is kept in many homes. This plant is so hardy that it can live well in a corner of your house and not disturb anyone. The plant is evergreen and perennial with hanging branches. Parallel patterns on the leaf are the main characteristics […]