Top mix fertilizer

Consumption recommendation:

  • With irrigation water

Instructions for use:

  • Gardens = with irrigation water 30 (L / ha)
  • Fruit trees = with irrigation water 30 (L / ha)
  • Summer crops = with irrigation water 20 (L / ha)
  • Ornamental plants = with irrigation water 20 (L / ha)
  • Greenhouse plants = with irrigation water 20-30 (L / ha)


5 and 20 liter buckets

Product form:

  • Jelly
Fast delivery to all parts of the country

Fast delivery to all parts of the country

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Jellied Top Mix Fertilizer is a combination of fish residues and macro and micro nutrients and is a suitable and cost-effective choice to provide organic matter and elements needed by gardens. Due to the reduction of pH and the formation of complexes, they cause the movement of nutrients in the soil and better absorption by the roots. It also increases the storage capacity of nutrients by increasing the cationic capacity of CEC. The elements in this fertilizer have a high potential and cause the rooting and optimal growth of the plant and due to the amino acid content, the plant is resistant to various stresses and increases the plant’s tolerance to environmental stresses. In fact, due to the increase in soil organic matter, this compound reduces the adhesion of clay soils and increases the adhesion of sandy soils and improves soil structure.

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