Theron pH fertilizer

Consumption recommendation:

  • Mixed with chemical compounds of fertilizers and pesticides, the amount of consumption depends on the pH of the water.

Instructions for use:

  • Neutral = 25-50 (consumption rate cc / 100L)
  • Alkaline = 50-75 (consumption rate cc / 100L)
  • High alkalinity = 75-100 (consumption rate cc / 100L)


  • 1 liter – 5 liters – 25 liters

Product form:

  • Liquid
Fast delivery to all parts of the country

Fast delivery to all parts of the country

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Theron pH regulates the pH of water and its consumption depends on the quality of the water. Due to its low pH, this product increases the acidity of water and its color guide indicates the pH of the final solution. So that the color of the final solution may change color in the yellow, orange, red or purple spectra, each of which indicates its own pH. Usually when the color of the solution turns pink, it means that the pH is neutral and suitable for most spraying. Theron pH increases nutrient uptake and pesticide efficiency by adjusting pH and reducing surface tension. This compound is also foaming and on the other hand is used in descaling drip irrigation systems and by reducing the pH of Iranian soils, which are often alkaline, it improves its physical and chemical structure.
The final solution detection guide is a specific pH for each specific color. Theron pH also has a nutritional role due to its nitrogen and significant amount of phosphorus and can have a significant effect on factors such as vegetative growth, flowering and ultimately increased yield.

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