Sodium fertilizer

Consumption recommendation:

  • Use in irrigation system

Instructions for use:

The amount of consumption depends on the type of soil, the quality of irrigation water and the nutrition program used.

Consumption based on electrical conductivity is recommended as a very good guide.

Generally, the amount of consumption should be 10 to 15 liters per hectare in each period.

Also, 3-4 consumption periods are generally recommended during the season.

Sedal can not be mixed with any toxins or fertilizers.


  • 1 liter – 5 liters – 25 liters

Product form:

  • Liquid
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Fast delivery to all parts of the country

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This compound is a soil salinity modifier based on calcium complexed with organic acids, in which calcium replaces sodium in the form of sodium sulfate in soil exchanges and is washed out of the roots. Having sub-branches in the form of polyhydroxyphenyl in this compound increases the cation exchange capacity of the soil, which in turn causes 1- increasing the absorption of nutrients from the soil 2- rapid entry into the plant and 3- preventing inactivation and deposition In the soil. Also, the calcium in it in the moist environment of the soil causes the exchange and movement of sodium ions. Since the organic acids in cedar are known as a member of the plant and are quickly absorbed, the environment around the roots makes it a very favorable space for the growth of beneficial microorganisms, and in fact polycarboxylic acids are one of their nutritional sources. In addition to these biological properties, this product improves the physical structure and chemical properties of the soil and increases its fertility, intensifies rooting and the plant will have a higher tolerance to stress conditions. On the other hand, this compound has OH functional groups, which is actually a source of more energy production in the plant.



Consumption (in 1000 liters of water) Electrical conductivity (millimuse / cm)
10-20 cc 1-2
25-35 cc 2-4
35-55 cc 4-6
Be added periodically. More than 6

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