Microctet fertilizer mix

Consumption recommendation:

  • Foliar spraying

Instructions for use:

fruit trees:

  • Foliar application = 250-300 (1000 / cc)


  • Foliar application = 250-300 (1000 / cc)


  • Foliar application = 1 to 1.5 liters per hectare (1000 / cc)

Ornamental plants:

  • Foliar application = 150-200 (1000 / cc)

Greenhouse plants:

  • Foliar application = 150-200 (1000 / cc)


  • 1.5 and 25 liters

Product form:

  • Liquid
Fast delivery to all parts of the country

Fast delivery to all parts of the country

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This combination with appropriate amounts of high and low consumption elements, amino acids and growth stimulants can be used in all stages of plant growth and in addition to increasing vegetative and reproductive growth, plant tolerance to many environmental stresses. And increase live. Also, the presence of free amino acids in this compound during foliar application causes the pores to open (due to the acidification of the leaf surface environment) and as a result, the absorption of elements increases and ultimately increases the yield of this fertilizer. The low pH of this combination also helps.

Additional information

اسیدهای ارگانیک

10 % w/v

آمینواسید آزاد

2.5 % w/v

نیتروژن کل

3.8 % w/v

بور محلول

0.25 % w/v

آهن محلول

4.1 % w/v

منگنز محلول

1 % w/v

منیزیم محلول

2.5 % w/v

روی محلول

1.5 % w/v


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