Fertilizer Calcutta

Consumption recommendation:

  • Foliar spraying, along with irrigation water
    Do not mix with iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium and calcium in unchelated form. Consumption is general and in certain conditions, depending on the diet and soil type, the consumption can be changed.

Instructions for use:

fruit trees:

  • Foliar application = 3-6 (Kg / ha)
  • With irrigation water = 3.5 – 5 (Kg / ha)

Citrus and vineyards:

  • Foliar application = 2-5 (Kg / ha)
  • With irrigation water = 3.5 – 5 (Kg / ha)


  • Foliar application = 0.5 – 1.5 (Kg / ha)
  • With irrigation water = – (Kg / ha)

Ornamental plants:

  • Foliar application = 0.5 – 1 (Kg / ha)
  • With irrigation water = 2-3 (Kg / ha)


  • 1 and 5 kg

Product form:

  • Powder
Fast delivery to all parts of the country

Fast delivery to all parts of the country

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Calcutta boron plays a major role in the vital activities of the plant. So that communication between polysaccharides in the cell wall is one of the most important roles of this element that regulates the activity of cell membranes. This element is involved in cell division of meristematic tissues, formation of leaf and flower buds, repair of vascular tissues, sugar metabolism and their transfer, calcium transfer in plants, protein synthesis, pollen grain growth, root growth and transfer of soluble substances between Cells play an important role. This element is mobile in soil and its mobility is different in different plants. The symptoms of boron deficiency are different in different plants, for example, in fruit trees, boron deficiency causes the fruit to become small and deformed, and the cork inside the fruit.

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بور محلول

21 % w/w


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