Organic Granular Fertilizer Magic Bio Alkane

Consumption recommendation:

  • Earthy

Instructions for use:

  • Pistachios and citrus fruits = 800-1200 (Kg / ha)
  • Fruit and olive trees = 800-1200 (Kg / ha)
  • Vegetables and summer vegetables = 600-1000 (Kg / ha)
  • Saffron = 800-1200 (Kg / ha)
  • Onions and garlic = 1000-1200 (Kg / ha)


25 kg bag

Product form:

  • Granules
Fast delivery to all parts of the country

Fast delivery to all parts of the country

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Magic Organic Bio Alkane Fertilizer is a unique product, so it is a mixture of chemical compounds, organic matter (poultry) and biological. Due to the fact that the amount of soil organic matter is very small in most orchards and agricultural farms of the country and the range of microflora and population of beneficial soil microorganisms is greatly reduced, the presence of micro and macro nutrients along with organic matter and Bacillus subtilis Phosphate and its distribution in different plants during the season helps plant growth, secretes a wide range of antibiotics that in addition to increasing plant resistance to pathogens by competing with harmful bacteria and fungi increases plant growth. And ultimately increases product performance. This bacterium can act to produce organic and healthy products and prevent the growth of various fungal agents.

Additional information


2 %


2 %


3.43 %


3.13 %

ماده آلی

39.62 %

کربن آلی

23 %

جمعیت باکتری Bacillus subtilis

CFU/gr 105×1.8


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