Hum Agro Fertilizer

Consumption recommendation:

  • Foliar spraying, irrigation water

Instructions for use:

  • Crops = 4 to 5 (Kg / ha)
  • Fruit trees = 5 to 10 (Kg / ha)
  • Forage plants = 2 to 4 (Kg / ha)
  • Mul seed = 2 kg per ton of seed (Kg / ha)
  • Soak 1 to 2 kg in 20 liters of water with a pH of about 7 at 20 ° C for one ton of seeds in the form of seeds for 8 to 12 hours in a dark place and then sow.


One kg bag

Product form:

  • powder


Hume Agro is a highly water-soluble product that stimulate plant growth. product is recommended for all crops, fruit trees, orchards and ornamental plants. Hume Agro stimulates plants Enzymes and improves soil texture and capacity of holding water.

Hume agro increases the efficiency in agriculture due to the release of stabilized elements in the soil.


11% potassium 80%

Humic acid + fulvic acid

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